Watch this buzzing video and go to this bee-tiful website to find out all the amazing facts about bees. You are going to buzz through different sites to find out more about the following...

1.  What are the Characteristics of a bee?
2.  What is a  Drone bee?
3.  Why do Worker bees have to do so much?
4.  What does a Queen bee do?
5.  What goes on inside a Hive?
6.  How is Honey Made?
7. After doing each task on paper, you get to use all your information to design your own PowerPoint presentation!!

Honey Bees - Life Cycle Video

The Bee Site - Enter This Hive of Information

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1. Characteristics
Buzz through the sites below to find out what makes a bee an insect.  See what other things you can find that makes a bee special.  When you are done, open the Paint program KIDPix and make a diagram of a bee that includes at least 6 characteristics.

Bee Characteristics

Sample Bee Diagram

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2.  Drone Bee
Why are drone bees important even though they don't do very much to help out?  Look through the next site to learn all about Drone bees.  On PowerPoint page #2  write down three things you learned about Drone bees.

Click on the Drone

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3.  Worker Bees
The bees are the inspiration for the phrase "Busy as a bee".  Find out how busy these bees really are by checking out the next site. When you are done, work with your partner to write up a "job description" for the worker bee on PowerPoint page #3.

Learn more about these hard workers! Click here

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4. Queen Bee
Now, to find out about the Queen of all bees, look through this site andfind out why she is called the Queen Bee.  When you are finished used the information you learned to make up an acrostic poem about the Queen.  Do this on PowerPoint page # 4

Click on the Queen
(Acrostic Poem set up)


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5.  The Hive
What makes a hive a special place for bees to live?  Find out all you can about a bees home and then be ready to compare the bees home to your home.  On PowerPoint page #5 write 3 ways your house is like a hive and 3 ways your house is not like a hive.

The Hive

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6. Honey
What is Honey and why are we all so in love with this sticky substance? Watch the following video and right a paragraph on how bees make honey. Write your paragraph on Powerpoint page #6.

Honey of a Video


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Now it is time to put it all together! Open up the bee PowerPoint on the desktop and plug all your information into the computer.  Don't forget to include a picture with each slide.  On slide one you must come up with a title and put your name(s).  On slide #7 you can design anything you want.  Remember stay as Busy as a Bee and keep exploring! Use the following template to plug in your information. DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE

You can earn up to 20 points on this WebQuest. Here is a rubric so you can evaluate yourself.  
Each task can earn you up to 3 points and the PowerPoint is worth 5.

Busiest Bees  (15-20)

Busy Bees (10-14)

Somewhat Busy Bees (5-9)

Not Very Busy Bees (5 and below) 

Excellent work!  You are officially a bee expert.

Great  job!  You know a lot about bees.

Good work!  You know something about bees.

Okay work...You should try harder next time.

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