Pubget and Copyright Clearance Center Bring Copyright Licensing to the Pubget Platform

The Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), the rights licensing experts, and Pubget, the search engine for life science portable document format (PDF) files, have launched a new “Get Permissions” feature across Pubget article pages. The feature, makes one click access to copyright licenses possible from the Pubget research platform and extends Pubget’s copyright compliance efforts. Read the full press release at

Sage Sayings of Dr. Andrew Taylor Still

" God manifests Himself in matter, motion and mind. Study well His manifestations."

" Mind by its unlimited skilled rules, governs and uses at will all forces and elements."

Truhlar Robert E. Doctor A.T. Still in the living. Chagrin Falls, Ohio, 1950. p. 91, 95.



AIDSinfo Launches Mobile Site

AIDSinfo, a project managed by the National Library of Medicine, has launched a mobile site that allows users to access its resources and information on the go. The new mobile site optimizes many of the main site’s features for phones and other mobile devices. When viewing AIDSinfo on a mobile device, users will be automatically redirected to the mobile site. JavaScript must be enabled on the device for the mobile site to function properly.

We are pleased to inform you that the library subscription to UpToDate has been reinstated. It is now once again available on the NYCOM library website:

You can access by going under: Popular Resources or under Quick Links:Health Science Databases.

If you have any problems accessing this resource, please feel free to contact Jeanne Strausman.



Selected Websites

National Library of Medicine Releases Beta Version of Pillbox, a resource to enhance patient safety via an identification and reference system for solid dosage medications. Pillbox includes scientific data from the FDA and NLM with high-resolution images, enabling rapid identification of unknown medications. This system is designed for use by emergency physicians, first responders, other health care providers, poison control center staff, and concerned citizens. Pillbox allows users to identify medications based on imprint (characters or number printed on a medication), shape, color, size, and scoring. Users are shown thumbnail images of possible matches. Once a medication has been identified, further information is provided, including brand and generic names, ingredients, and Drug Enforcement Administration schedule. To browse the system click here.

Turning Research into Practice

TRIP is a free meta-search engine. The Database started in 1997 as a result of the work of the founders (Jon Brassey and Dr Chris Price) in answering clinical questions. TRIP Database simultaneously searches many sources of systematic reviews, practice guidelines, and critically-appraised topics and articles. It also searches MEDLINE’s Clinical Queries, making it a “one-stop shopping” resource for evidence-based information.It requires one time registration which is free.To try the database click here.



How do we improve health training/research lectures?

Supercourse: Epidemiology, the Internet and Global Health is a global repository of lectures on public health and prevention, targeting educators worldwide. It has a network of more than 65,000 scientists in 174 countries who are sharing, without charge, a library of 4,588 lectures in 31 languages. Developed by faculty at the School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, as a project of its World Health Organization Collaborating Center, Supercourse does not grant degrees or certificates but is designed to be a resource for teachers, professors, and other educators. Its PowerPoint-based lectures are organized by topic under the broad headings of epidemiology, special diseases, public health, telecommunications, and biostatistics. The lectures are also searchable by keyword and author. The site provides information for educators who would like to contribute to Supercourse as reviewers, lecture developers, or translators.

AMA Policy Helps Guide Physicians’ Use of Social Media

The American Medical Association (AMA) adopted a new policy helping physicians to maintain a positive online presence and preserve the integrity of the patient-physician relationship. The new policy covers issues such as:

·         Observing the patient privacy and confidentiality.

·         Monitoring the Internet presence to ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of posted information about them.

·         Maintaining the appropriate boundaries of the patient-physician relationship in accordance with professional ethical guidelines, as they would in any other context.

·         Considering to separate the personal and professional content online.

To view the complete policy click here.




Print control is coming soon to NYCOM. Stay tune for further information. Here is what you need to know to use the printers on other parts of the campus.



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