NLM Launches You Tube Channel

The National Library of Medicine, the world's largest biomedical library and the developer of electronic information services is pleased to announce the launch of its new YouTube channel. The NLM YouTube channel will post videos of database training, NLM exhibitions (such as an overview of the new Native Voices: Native Peoples' Concepts of Health and Illness), public service announcements, lectures and more. Interested parties can subscribe to be notified whenever new content is posted on the NLM channel. The NLM site also features links to NIH YouTube channels and other federal health resources.To access and bookmark the NLM YouTube channel click here.

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Happy Spring!

  • Saint Patrick Day (March 17)
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  • Easter (April 8).



NCBI You Tube Channel

NCBI You Tube Channel includes presentations and tutorials about NCBI biomolecular and biomedical literature databases and tools.

The Tutorials are step-by-step resource- or problem-oriented documents, Web pages or videos that explain how to use a resource or perform a task. Some of these show how to use a specific resource, such as the Genome Workbench tutorial. Others, such as the Disease Genes book chapter, follow a path or tell a scientific story that highlights specific tools and databases.

To browse this educational tool click here.

Sage Sayings of Dr. Andrew Taylor Still

" Nature moves by system in all her works. She succeeds in all because her plans are perfect. Her designs have an object as their day star, and with her eyes fixed on the plan the effect is seen to follow."

"Our road is straight thru the woods. Old trees must fall, stumps must be taken out, trees of life and hope must be planted to declare the intelligence of the Architect of Life."

Truhlar Robert E. Doctor A.T. Still in the living. Chagrin Falls, Ohio, 1950. p. 104-105, 132.



NLM Attains Millionth Page Milestone for the Medical Heritage Library

NLM is contributing Medicine in the Americas, to the Medical Heritage Library Project a cooperative venture to digitize historical materials from the collections of the National Library of Medicine, the Countway Library at Harvard, the Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Library at Yale, the Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library at Columbia University, and the New York Public Library.

To view the Medical Heritage Library and learn more about the collection click here.

To learn more about NLM strategic advisory partnership for the Medical Heritage Digital Collaborative click here.


Mobile Site News

Last spring Rockefeller University Press introduced mobile-optimized sites for three journals, JCB, JEM, and JGP. This service is included as an added benefit to our existing institutional subscriptions, giving users access to subscribed content in a format streamlined for most mobile devices.

To download the Apps for Journal of Cell Biology, and Journal of General Physiology, go to JCB and JGP . Then click on the icon for App Store and follow the steps to install the Apps.



PubMed Tutorials and Quick Tour

This site provides animated tutorials with audio for using PubMed. Running times are rounded to the nearest minute. Click on the link to launch the tour.

If you want to be PubMed proficient, take the PubMed Tutorial.

Or view the following pages:

Understanding the Vocabulary
Building the Search
Managing the Results
Saving the Search
Getting the Articles


NLM TOXNET can now be accessed with any mobile device.

Mobile TOXNET is an easy to use, mobile-optimized Web interface covering toxicology, hazardous chemicals, environmental health and related areas.

The Division of Specialized Information Services (SIS) produces information resources on a range of topics covering toxicology, environmental health, HIV/AIDS, drug and consumer product information, and disaster/emergency preparedness and response.

To learn more about TOXNET click here.

To access TOXNET Mobile, click here.



DynaMed Updates

A recent BMJ article identifies DynaMed as the most current point-of-care reference (BMJ 2011 Sep 23).
DynaMed topics are enhanced by making changes to the following sections:

General Information: this section is split into two sections: General Information and ICD-9/ICD-10 Codes

History and Physical Section: these sections are combined to form History & Physical References

Reviews & Guidelines: this section is now called Guidelines & Resources.

Acknowledgements: this section is now called References.

The new enhancement will help users navigate topics more easily, as well as identify and locate the information they are looking for.

Hidden Treasure Celebrates 175 Years at the National Library of Medicine

HIDDEN TREASURE is a spectacular illustrated book edited by Michael Sappol. The book is published to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the National Library of Medicine.

Here, in this captivating, repulsive and fascinating book, each hidden treasure included, has been specially selected and is accompanied by a brief essay by a distinguished scholar, artist, collector, journalist, or physician.

To learn more about this book click here.



How DOs are clicking with Social Media

The DO latest issue (March 2, 2012) includes an article about physicians who are especially using social media to network with other doctors, for both business and education. The article highlights advantage and disadvantages on using social media tools.

To read the entire article click here.

NYCOM Library New Study Area

We are pleased to announce that the carrels will arrive on Monday March 6th.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience during the installation of the carrels.

We will make every effort to get the job done as quickly as possible.



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