Library Lens

NYCOM library has started producing a new series of educational video tutorials. The content of these videos will cover topics such as: locating journals and databases, accessing library online resources, managing your library account, asking a question or requesting an interlibrary loan.

To view the first video please go to NYCOM Library, scroll down to Video Instruction and click on NYIT Journal Locator.

Halloween Chocolate a Serious Threat to Pets!!

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NYCOM Library New Databases

NYCOM library is subscribing to AccessMedicineTM which provides access to more than 60 medical titles from the best minds in medicine. The content is updated constantly and includes thousands of images and illustrations, interactive self-assessment, case files, diagnostic tools, a comprehensive search platform and also the ability to download content to a mobile device.

Access Medicine is listed in quick links under Health Sciences Databases via NYCOM library page.

To explore the content click here.

Sage Sayings of Dr. Andrew Taylor Still

" The Osteopath who succeeds best does so because he looks to Nature for knowledge and obeys her teachings: then he gets good results. He is often amazed to see how faithfully Nature sticks to system. A few years spent in the school of Nature teaches the Osteopath that principles govern the Universe, and he must obey all orders, or fail to cure his patients."

Truhlar Robert E. Doctor A.T. Still in the living. Chagrin Falls, Ohio, 1950. P. 101



Occupational Therapy Bibliographic System

American Occupational Therapy Foundation's (AOTF) Wilma L. West library has developed a search engine for OT published literature called OTSearch.

OT Search is now available via NYCOM library Health Sciences Databases. It is not a full-text database but primarily a bibliographic index to help you query and identify documents related to a specific topic. OT Search is not case sensitive. Search terms could be entered in either upper or lower case.

To explore the features, tutorials, FAQ's and OT Thesaurus visit the OT Search .

Library Changes

StatRef: As of October 19th, the library subscription to StatRef will be cancelled. Access to online textbooks will be available through Access Medicine, MD Consult and NetLibrary.To find out the availability of an e-book, search the library catalog.

UpToDate: NYCOM library no longer has a subscription to UpToDate.

The icon for the link to free online journals in PubMed has changed from "NYCOM Online" to 360 link. By clicking on this link, it will lead you to the full text article or to NYCOM online catalog which will give you the library's print holdings of the journal title.



New Search Engine: Figuring Out Figures in Scientific Papers

Figures are important experimental results that are typically reported in full-text bioscience articles. Bioscience researchers need to access figures to validate research facts and to formulate or to test novel research hypotheses. But the sheer volume of bioscience literature has made it difficult to access figures.

Because of this, a few scientists at university of Wisconsin- Milwakee have developed an intelligent figure search engine called Biomedical figuresearch.

Go to PLoS ONE (the Public Library of Science) to view the full-text article which describes a system for better automated characterization of figures from scientific papers.

To launch the search engine that is available through their webserver, and view a video on how to do a search, click here.

Science at Speed

Pubget team is introducing two new search tools to help users find the papers they are looking for faster.

1. With the limits panel you can now filter by year, language, and the other PubMed supported limits.

2. Pubget's thesaurus now automatically expands your query by expanding the thesaurus of over 20,000 terms, including drug names. Select "Search details" under the "Tools" drop down to see how each query is expanded.

To keep an eye on Pubget new ideas bookmark their blog.



For HandHelds

PubMed for Handhelds has a new feature to search MEDLINE/PubMed via PICO. PICO, which stands for Patient/Problem, Intervention, Compared to, and Outcome, is a method used for structuring clinical questions.

To access full-text articles when you search PubMed via library webpage, bookmark the link here.

Library Hours

Due to the Thanksgiving Day Holiday, the library will be closed on Wednesday November 24th through Sunday November 28th. We'll resume our normal hours on Monday November 29th.



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