MIST-320-M01 Networking and Data Communications

Information that may be of use when deciding if you wish to take this course.

MIST-320 is offered in the Spring Semester on the Manhattan Campus by Dr. O'Sullivan.

Course Description:

The main goal of this course is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of networking technologies, concepts and terminology. You will learn about the equipment and technologies used in LANs and WANs. You will learn about the network topologies used today and design a network using these topologies. A variety of network equipment will be discussed, including hubs, routers, switches, and NICs. LAN architectures are covered including Ethernet, token ring, ARCnet, and FDDI. Also, you will learn about wide area networking technologies and remote access technologies such as X.25, ISDN, frame relay, ATM, DSL, SMDS, and SONET networks. All major LAN and WAN protocols will be discussed, including protocol theory as it relates to the OSI layered communications model. Aside from learning the technologies involved in networking, you will get to understand the daily tasks involved with managing and troubleshooting a network.


Guide to Networking Essentials, 4th Edition; Tomsho, Tittel and Johnson; Course Technology, Inc., 2003

 Grading Basis:


60% of the grade is based on a mid-term and final examination. Both examinations are cumulative. An in-class review will be held prior to each examination.


30% of the grade is based on homework. Homework is discussed later in the syllabus


10% of the grade is for class participation.


All homework will be submitted through  Blackboard (http://online.nyit.edu). Assignments are due at 5:30PM on the date that they are due. Late homework will not be accepted. Homework that is not submitted will receive an automatic 0.


Tests are based on the homework for the tutorials covered for that test. The Mid-Term will cover all material covered up to that point. The final exam is comprehensive.