MIST-325 Systems Analysis and Design

Information that may be of use when deciding if you wish to take this course.

MIST-325 is offered on the Manhattan Campus in the Fall by Dr. O'Sullivan.

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to Systems Analysis and Design. Topics include analyzing the business case, requirements modeling, enterprise modeling, and development strategies.  Students also learn about data design, the user interface, input, and output design, system architecture, systems implementation and systems operations and support.

Textbook and Resources


Systems Analysis and Design, Seventh Edition; Shelly Cashman Rosenblatt (ISBN: 978-1-4239-1222-4)


Access to the Internet for web browsing and e-mail


Access to the NYIT Blackboard system

        Book cover image for Systems Analysis and Design, Seventh Edition



60% of the grade is based on a mid-term and final examination. Both examinations are cumulative and given in a multiple-choice format. An in-class review will be held prior to each examination. The mid-term exam will be a take home exam


30% of the grade is based upon the successful completion the labs assigned in class


10% of the grade is for class participation


Tests are based on the course chapters and assigned question. The Mid-Term will cover all material covered up to that point. The final exam is comprehensive.


Homework must be completed and submitted at the beginning of the class that it is due. Late homework will not be accepted as the answers will be discussed in class.  Homework should be available on Blackboard and should be completed there. Homework is expected to be completed on an individual basis. If you have a technical difficulty while completing the homework, it is up to you to contact me prior to the due date to have it resolved.


10% of your overall grade is for class participation. In order to achieve this 10% you must attend class and actively participate by asking relevant questions and engaging in class discussions on the subject matter at hand.