MIST-430 Information Resource Management

Information that may be of use when deciding if you wish to take this course.

MIST-430 is offered on the Manhattan Campus by Dr. O'Sullivan.


Course Description:

 The purpose of MIST-430 is to introduce current information technology, systems, and the use of their resources for business in order to achieve competitive advantage in the global market.   Topics to be covered include building, managing, and evaluating essential information technologies and strategies encompassing but not restricted to software, hardware, on-line and wireless networks, as well as human resources.   

MIST-101: Introduction to Computer Applications is the prerequisite for the course.



To define precisely what an IT system, its resources, and processes are and learn how they are designed, allocated, and managed. 


To research and understand the deployment of effective IT strategies as well as understanding the important role of the IS manager. 


To improve the communication skills of the student (i.e., verbal and written) at the graduate level through the use of exercises by individual demonstrations. 



Access to the Internet


Access to a computer with MS Office XP

Grading Basis:


60% of the grade is based on a mid-term and final examination. Both examinations are cumulative and given in a multiple-choice format.


20% Term Project


20% of the grade is for class participation

Class Participation:

In order to participate, you must be in attendance at each session and actively participate in class discussion and by asking questions. If you fail to attend a session you will not receive class participation marks for that session.


Tests are based on the course chapters and assigned question. The Mid-Term will cover all material covered up to that point. The final exam is comprehensive.