MIST-595 Introduction to Management Information Systems

Information that may be of use when deciding if you wish to take this course.

MIST-595 is offered on the Manhattan Campus by Dr. O'Sullivan.



bulletTo gain practical knowledge and experience in Enterprise Data Systems
bulletTo understand real world issues and constraints on developing, administering and MIS systems
bulletTo empower students with adequate skills in state of the art productivity software
bulletTo learn critical-thinking techniques for solving unstructured problems by identifying and analyzing an information systems problem and designing a working system to solve this problem



Access to the Internet


An NYIT Blackboard User ID and Password


Access to a computer with MS Office 2003


There are 2 text books required for this course. The 2 books can be purchased in one shrink wrapped package directly from the campus book store. Alternately, the books may be purchased individually.

bullet Microsoft Office 2003 Introductory Concepts and Techniques Second Edition, Shelly Cashman, Course Technologies; ISBN 0-619-25477-7
bullet Fundamentals of Information Systems Third Edition, Stair and Reynolds, Course Technologies; ISBN 0-619-21560-7

Grading Basis:


60% of the grade is based on a mid-term and final examination. Both examinations are cumulative and given in a multiple-choice format.


30% of the grade is based upon the successful completion the labs assigned in class


10% of the grade is for class participation


 Tests are based on the course chapters and assigned question. The Mid-Term will cover all material covered up to that point. The final exam is comprehensive.


Assignments are expected to be completed on an individual basis. Assignments that are turned in after the expected due date will automatically receive a grade of 0 points.