Learn Secrets Most Nonprofit Organizations Will Never Know About Online Fundraising

If you work for a nonprofit organization and you're fundraising on the web, then you need to produce compelling content; you have to create images, copy, and code to persuade donors to support your cause.

Ideally, you would hire a hybrid designer and developer to do this for you. But what if you can’t afford one? Web developers are expensive, and if they have a background in graphic design, you can expect your organization to pay the big bucks! I should know, I’ve worked as a graphic designer, web developer, and digital marketer for several years. I also know how you can avoid this expense and simply produce content on your own.

It's quite easy, providing you have basic design and coding skill. If you never pushed a pixel in Photoshop or wrote a line of code in Dreamweaver, don’t worry because you can learn the fundamentals here. Once you’ve got down the basics, you can expect to see more traffic, more conversions, more engagement, and, more importantly, more donations.

In this website, I'm going to share digital fundraising tactics that I've learned over the years that will help you acquire new donors, retain existing donors, and inspire them to donate more. The strategies I will discuss include fundraising through email and mobile, converting prospective donors with landing pages, and streamlining your communications across all channels.

Join me on the inside and let's start with email fundraising, the primary vehicle behind online fundraising.

Free Ebook: Develop Break-proof HTML Emails and Newsletters
Free Ebook

Free ebook reveals how to design and develop Break-proof HTML emails to generate more donations.

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