TV Analysis

Studart’s deep understanding of racehorses from a first-hand and experienced perspective allows for a reliable pre- and post-race analysis. Studart has had 3 post-race analysis appearances on CBS’ Sports Update with Steve Overmyer show discussing Triple Crown winner American Pharoah, including The Breeder’s Cup.


Studart is an excellent communicator and has written about politics for the new blogging platform since 2014. Studart is currently pursuing a degree in Communications with a concentration in Journalism and is open to freelance writing from subjects ranging from horse racing to politics.


Maylan Studart has done several media projects, from television studio and field production, to original and creative video productions. Studart enjoys working with visual media and is deeply interested in government policies, national politics, and economic issues. She has a keen instinct for storytelling, and does her own editing on different editing software platforms. Studart is available for freelance reporting. Please check the schedule on the CONTACT page.


Maylan Studart has written for the blogging platform about American politics, local news, and media coverage. An avid researcher and reporter, Studart is available as a freelance writer for any subject matter. No task is too small or too large.


Studart has been editing video projects for over 3 years. She has used different editing software platforms and, as a fast learner, is comfortable with quickly learning new ones.