Ziqian (Cecilia) Dong, Ph.D.

Prospective students - I am looking for motivated students to join my research group. Interested candidates are encouraged to send your CV and transcripts through email for consideration. 


    7/15/19, Dr. Dong her her team received NSF INFEWS RCN Grant to establish a research coordination network to study food, energy, and water nexus for sustainable and resilient urban development.

    10/19/18, our paper “Gait Study of Parkinson’s Disease Subjects using Haptic Cues with a Motorized Walker,” was published in Sensors, Congratulations Minhua on your first peer-reviewed journal paper publication.

    9/5/18, Dr. Dong and her team received an NSF Grant to design autonomous sensing system to examine nutrient and contaminants in soil.

    7/3/18, Dr. Dong and her team received NSF Grant “Belmont Forum Food-Water-Energy Nexus: Integrated analysis and modeling for the management of sustainable urban food, water, energy resources”

    5/30/18-8/3/18, NYIT REU 2018

    11/30/17-12/1/17, Urban Infrastructure Workshop: Analysis and Modeling for their Optimal Management and Operation held at NYIT.

    5/31/17-8/4/17, NYIT REU 2017

    4/8/2017, our paper “Indoor Localization Framework with WiFi Fingerprinting” was presented at the 26th IEEE Wireless and Optical Communications Conference. Congratulations to Rajan on your first IEEE peer-reviewed conference publication.

    12/1/2016, NYIT REU 2017 starts recruiting

    9/19/16-9/21/16, IEEE Sarnoff Symposium 2016

    5/31/16-8/5/16, NYIT REU 2016

    5/22/2016, Commencement - Congratulations Class of 2016, you did it!

    5/19/2016, Congratulations to Ukit on your first peer-reviewed conference publication at EMBC 2016!

    2/14/2016, our paper “Autonomous Real-time Water Quality Sensing as an Alternative to Conventional Monitoring to Improve the Detection of Food, Energy, and Water Indicator,” published in the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences.

    1/19-1/21/2016, Dr. Dong attended the Food-Energy-Water Nexus 16th National Conference and Global Forum on Science, Policy and Environment and presented challenges on data analytics and sensor network for system-based modeling of Food Energy Water nexus in megacities.

    1/7-1/9/2016, Dr. Dong attended the ASEE National Effective Teaching Institutes held at San Diego, CA.

    12/10/2015, NYIT REU 2016 starts recruiting.

    12/8/2015, NYIT REU Program receives continued funding from NSF.

    9/24/2015, the NYIT Annual Cybersecurity Conference at Auditorium on Broadway

    9/21/2015, Congratulations to Obinna Emelumadu on your first professional conference presentation at the IEEE Sarnoff 2015! 

    9/20-9/22/2015, the 36 IEEE Sarnoff Symposium, Newark, NJ.

    9/3/2015, Dr. Dong received the prestigious NYIT Presidential Engagement Award - Student Engagement in Research and Scholarship

    7/29/2015, REU 2015 final presentation

    5/26/2015, NYIT REU 2015 kicks off!

    5/17/2015, Commencement - Congratulations Class of 2015, you did it!

    5/7/2015, Congratulations to Wenjie and Yu on successfully defended their theses.

    4/22/2015, Our survey paper “Schemes for Fast Transmission of Flows in Data Center Networks,” was accepted to IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials.

    1/23/2015, Our paper “Wireless Body Area Sensor Network for Posture and Gait Monitoring of Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease” was accepted for presentation at the 12th IEEE International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control, April 9-11, 2015, Taipei, Taiwan.

    NYIT REU 2015 Summer Program starts recruiting!


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Associate Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering

School of Engineering and Computing Sciences

New York Institute of Technology

1855 Broadway, Room 802

New York, NY 10023

Email: ziqian.dong at nyit dot edu

Phone: 646-273-6129